Sunday, April 27, 2008


56 words
Was bored.

Anyway, it was a busy weekend. Finals are looming.

Will be busy with assignments and term projects.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Mid sem project kept me busy the past few days, explaining my absence here. The weekend was the usual cool.

Here are a few random pics of last week and the weekend.

Winged birds drying on the tarmac outside the hangar. The birds were given a bath, I think.

In the fuselage of the Boeing 737. You can see for yrself, the scary complexity of the fluid lines, after the auxillary turbine has been removed.

Said hi to Morton. Took it from a poster at the uni. Super cute fella. =)

The view outside my crib, at the house near the uni. Taken on a cold Wednesday evening.

Lil Trinity. Had breakfast with her and her family on Saturday.

Watched 27 dresses. Quirky movie. Good watch.

That's it, I guess. Will be having a mock interview for English tomorrow, which I personally think is uber pathetic. And that reminds me, I haven't touched my Mandarin homework which is due on Wednesday. Crap.

Oh yea, Hillsong United is coming to town on the 28th May. Venue is GTPJ, from 6pm till 11pm. Missed last year's concert, so I'm not missing this. But the thing is, its right smack in the middle of my finals exam week. So i'm still contemplating my attendance. And its 50bucks too. Like wth wei. But I guess its the experience that counts.

And not forgetting Freedom Fest 2008, 9th and 1oth May at Port Dickson. Featuring DJ Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Cosmic Gate and other world renowned DJs. Dunno whether to go or not. Decision still pending.

Decisions, decisions. Life is full of them.

Gonna go thru the pile of pending assignments. Shyt la.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I dunno what title to put.

Came back on Friday afternoon instead of the usual Thurs due to exams and replacement lectures for the ones that we so happily missed.

The below is a recount of something that happened that week.

Car would be usually parked under a tree full of blossomed pink flowers. As the gentle breeze came, those flowers would fall gently onto the car, enveloping it in a sea of pretty pink flowers. Oh so picturesque.

But on Thursday afternoon, this was not to be.

Because some bugger who lives 2 doors away, marred that otherwise pretty sight.

Car was parked under that tree like always. Mind you, parked and unmanned. And he crashed into the side of my car while reversing out of his house. My car was parallel to his house, but just a lil further. He reversed left, and could've stopped and zoomed off after he had cleared the house. But no, he continued reversing in a U shape till he French kissed the side of my car.

Worse, he zoomed off after kissing my car. Unlucky for him, my classmate who was his neighbor heard the collision. So yea, I was informed immediately, and I was obviously pissed.

Driver scared shitless when he came back, and I was given a recount on what happened.

Anyways, it's settled. Got the car back from the workshop on Saturday evening, straight after visiting gran in Klang.

My weekend was a bliss. We both know why.

The crowd on Saturday was massive. It was a good night.

Another week of classes to look forward to. Oh well.

It's okay.

*and there u stayed, with my arms around you*

Monday, April 7, 2008

Untitled (again)

This weekend zoomed by too fast.

It was a very busy weekend for me.

Particularly Friday. Was at the rally from 12 onwards, and came back at 4-ish, went futsal from 5 till 7-ish, rushed through dinner and left in a haste for the table tennis game.

Needless to say, I came back exhausted. Wait, make that, very. Took my 3rd bath that day and went straight to bed.

Come Saturday morning.

I overslept. Supposed to wake up at 7.20am. Was awoken by the message tone. Washed up, and I left the house at 8.30am.

Came back at 4-ish, got sounded a lil for treating the house like a hotel (so not true weyy), bathed and did things that required attention.

Sunday. Got up at 6-ish for church, gila tired. Came back after that, did the usual stuff and then took a much needed nap.

Had an early dinner, said goodbye to dad who was flying to Singapore soon, and then headed back to the house.

Here I am, back here. On an early Monday morning.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another post.

The week at uni was like clockwork. The weather there is erratic. Its chilly during the night, and its worse in the morning. But it scorches in the afternoon.

During the Cabin Interior lecture.

Ah, this is a classic.

Came home to a wet and gloomy evening.

And I just remembered about tomorrow's friendly at CHS. Table Tennis is the game. PCCG vs Bangsar CG. Reason for that venue is because its nearer for those Bangsar ppl. Thanks Em, for reminding me.

Will be at CHS in the afternoon too, to attend the Easter Rally.

The sun rises on a beautiful Easter morning. Shot during the Calvary Church Easter Sunrise Service held at the National Hockey Stadium about 2 weeks ago.

On a random note, Pieter Vink is a total arse.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Saturdey and Sundey.

Dim Sum at Yuen Garden on a beautiful Saturday morning, with the gang.

The food. And we have Joshua trying to fit in. =)

Shu Hui's eyes are locked. On food.

Adjourned to the Oldtown Kopitiam after that. Carded and crapped.

Had a late lunch with my aunt and cousin at The Teapot Cafe not long after that. More food. Felt pretty fat after that. Gotta intensify those workout sessions.

Went for gran's 76th birthday dinner later in the evening.

The sisters catching up. Starting from the left, is Aunty Sharon, Aunty Evelyn and lastly, Aunty Rachel, who is....wait, that's mum. =)

Alicia engrossed in watching John twiddle with something.

Take a deep breath and blow away, gran.

Mum couldn't resist a shot with adorable Alicia.

And its the Fool's Day today. My early victims were my dumb housemates.

I could only say one word to them. FOoOL!