Saturday, December 12, 2009


It really sucks when people create their own derivations of what you say and it differs from what you meant.

I'm truly upset.

And I am sorry.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

President's Cup 2009.

The President’s Cup English Debate 2009 was held from the 8th till the 10th of July. We were the host for this year’s Cup. The format used is the Asian Parliamentary style.

Just a short introduction. There two opposing teams in an Asians format of debate.

1. Government/Preposition side- proposes and defends the motion;
2. Opposition side- refute and negates the motion.

Our campus was represented by 2 teams, MIAT 1 and MIAT 2. I’m the 1st speaker/Prime Minister for MIAT 1. Below is the summary of our journey.

[Round 1 Preliminaries - MIAT 1 vs. MIIT 1]
The Motion: This House Should Go For Nuclear Energy.
Government/Prepostion: MIAT 1
Opposition : MIIT1
Outcome: Lost
We defined the motion by narrowing it down to countries that have already achieved first-world status. It was a close debate. Adjudicator’s decision was a spilt 3 to 0. We lost the round. Was pretty annoyed because our points were strong, and the opposition’s case had no mechanism. But they won because they were more convincing and they had good rebuttals, quoted the adjudicator. Nonetheless, it was a good round and a nice wake-up call indeed.

[Round 2 Preliminaries – MIAT1 vs. MITEC2]
The Motion: This House Believes That Mat Rempits Should Be Whipped.
Government/Prepostion: MIAT 1
Opposition : MITEC2
Outcome: Win
First round loss had a significant impact, and we were pretty fired up to take the 2nd round. We defined the motion by stating that they should be whipped according to their age limit and also the severity of the offence. The opposition was unable justify their argument; therefore our proposal was barely negated by them. They went on to commit a royal suicide by agreeing our points of information. The point difference between the 2 teams was a 12-7-7, which is considered a thrashing. (: We were satisfied.

[Round 3 Preliminaries – MIAT1 vs. KMK]
The Motion: This House Believes That The English Language Should Be Used To Teach Science And Maths. (PPSMI)
Government/Preposition: KMK
Opposition : MIAT1
Outcome: Win
This motion was a lil biased to the government’s side. It was a fair battle. They raised up issues about competence in the world today where English is the primary mode of communication, whereas we defended our case that our national language is our pride and identity and till today, there’s no positive results in school which clearly shows that students are still struggling to learn Science and Maths in English, proving precisely why it is to be abolished by 2012. We quoted strong examples such as Japan and Russia, where the national language is used in all levels of education, yet they still excel and thrive in their various fields. We edged them just by margin of 1 point.

[Round 4 Preliminaries – MIAT1 vs. KMKN]
The Motion: This House Believes That University Students Should Not Be Involved In Politics.
Government/Preposition: KMKN
Opposition : MIAT1
Outcome: Win
The proposal by the government had many loopholes, and we exploited and thrived on that. Only their 1st speaker was good, whereas the other 2 speakers had serious confidence issues. Their 3rd speaker tried to give an extra definition to their proposal, which further cast them into doubt. Failure to convince the adjudicator and flimsy rebuttals were their downfall.

[Quarter Finals – MIAT1 vs. BMI2]
The Motion: This House Believes That Scary Photos On Cigarette Boxes Is Not The Way To Go.
Government/Preposition: BMI2
Opposition : MIAT1
Outcome: Win
The toughest round for us. We were up against a team that was coached by former top debators, and they also had a weapon in the form of “Kat” Ammar, the best speaker of the recent ARAU Open Tournament. But their weakness was the other 2 speakers, who didn’t support each other’s points. Not to mention their whip who stirred up the wrath of our whip, Mr. Arjuna, who proceeded to give a pretty nasty 7-minute tongue lashing, rendering BMI2 speechless and visibly shaken. We won on a very slim margin, was told that the decision came down to the reply speeches. Nonetheless, a sweet win indeed.

[Semi Finals – MIAT1 vs. MIAT2]
The Motion: This House Would Share Healthcare Research Discoveries.
Government/Preposition: MIAT1
Opposition : MIAT2
Outcome: Lost
This round was awkward, but fun! We were up against our own teammates whom we practiced and trained week in, week out. We had strong points and a good mechanism whereas the opposition had none and they thrived based on rebuttals alone. It was quite a relaxed round. But we failed to link it and thus, it was left floating. But we felt pretty relieved that we lost because quite frankly, MIAT2 stood a better chance of winning the final. It wasn’t selfish desire to win the round; whoever proceeds to the final doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, the primary purpose is to retain the cup.

[Grand Finals – MIAT2 vs. MICET2]
The Motion: This House Believes That Proton Should Have A Foreign Partner.
Government/Preposition: MIAT2
Opposition : MICET2
Outcome: Win
MIAT2 lived up to their expectations, recording a streak of 7-0. They have not lost a single round, no mere feat. The finals were pretty lopsided, with MIAT2 clearly owning MICET2 in terms of case mechanism, construction and points. MICET2 raised issues on patriotism, but was easily rebutted by MIAT2 who used status quo against them. Nonetheless, it was a split decision of 4-3.

-The End-

The whole tourney was a certainly enlightening experience, though it was really stressful at the same time. Made friends and enemies, trash talked to the moon, did loads of nonsense and the like. (: MIAT1 achieved 3rd placing, we were very happy of our progress till the semis. And the cup stays with us for yet another year, thanks to MIAT2. (: Good job, guys.

The host for next year’s tourney is at the Royal College of Medicine, Perak (RCMP).

Watch out. We’re out for blood. RCMP will be owned just like everyone else.

And I saved the best for last. We did it without Osama. Hehe. (:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Long absence.

You thought that this blog has been abandoned by its owner. You were right. Till now.

The exam period. A very nervy period indeed. And at the same time, my long-serving laptop gave up on me. Bugger. Just when I needed it the most, cuz some important notes were in it. And I especially needed it to revise for the Software Programming paper, the DevC++ thing. Crazy numericals and codes.

The long hiatus was partly due to the final exam prep. And the last day of exams, supposed la, to be happy. But no, there was some car trouble which led to a helpless chain of frustrating events, leaving me stuck in Sepang for another night. Ish. So much for the start of the hols.

Things were much brighter after that though. Parents went to Singapore for a cruise to Phuket. Do the math.

The hols were lazy. Slept late and woke up late, with the usual going-outs in between. Nothing much worth mentioning except the recent Japan MotoGP that was held in Sepang last Sunday.

Two races. GT500 and GT300. The skies was pretty annoying, from big drops of rain to cloudy, then the scorching sun. But its all worth it when the cars came to view. Esp from the pitstop. And the deafening roar of the souped-up engines. The VIP viewing deck.

And I only saw 2 good looking GT queens though. The rest were all just average.

Here are a few shots. The album can be viewed on Facebook.

ARTA Garaiya (ARTA Garaiya GT300VQ)

FieLDS Bomex 320R (Vemac 320R)

Impul Calsonic GT-R (Nissan GT-R)

Petronas Lexus SC430

Triple-a Murcie RG-1 (Murcielago RG-1)

Thats the few. (:

Went for the Sakae Sushi buffet yest, and it was good. Not to mention the company too.


Yen Ying.

My place, after that.

F.O.C bunch. Full of Crap. (:

Transformers this saturday. Am keeping an open mind, after hearing mixed reviews about it.

The hols are fast coming to an end.

The song Look Up by indie outfit Stars is currently on repeat.

your girl, she's a renegade
a hurricane that keeps you there, safe
hurricane that keeps u there, safe...

thats all for now, folks. (:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The art of making wise choices has never been mastered by anybody, purely based on the simple fact that perfection has never once been attained. After all, to err is only human. Hence, the possibility of our choices to sporadically sprout undesirable outcomes and consequences is, indeed, an everyday thing.

To sum the above in one word... Mistakes. Screw ups. And the list goes on.

I once read somewhere that good choices are the result of making bad choices. How true. But then again, this doesn't necessarily apply to all scenarios.

Anyway, we must learn, because the action of repeating one's mistakes over and over again is the simple definition of utter stupidity.

Moving on.

After a long hiatus because of the Paroimia production, cg resumes at Emily abode. Josh's birthday. Whipped cream. Sorry Winson, you were asking for it too. Heh. (:

Shot the cg video the following day. Same place. Video is darn lame. So lame till one take was good enough lol.

In the evening, it was Sammantha's 21st cum farewell. It was quite an experience emcee-ing the event. A few mistakes and slips here and there, but otherwise it was fine la. Have fun in Scotland, woman. Its been great knowing you after all these years. And be good!

The end of the semester approaches at a worrying pace, and not far behind it is the the much dreaded finals, its unforgiving dark line already visible on the horizon. There's quite a load to study and feed upon during the upcoming prep week in 2 weeks time, given the wide syllabus scope. I need the nerd bug to bite me now. And bite a few times, if possible. One bite won't do shit for me.

The exam schedule sucks. There's a needless 4-day break between the 1st day and 2nd day of exams. The 1st paper, Aircraft Structures, is on 3rd June, and then the next paper is on the 8th. Hydraulic & Pneumatics. Well, at least there's ample time to do any last min prep.

The weather is still in the suck mode. Even the taps spew warm water.

And this movie is quite a good watch, if you like thrillers.

Its revolves around a family who are terrorized by 2 men. They make the family play deadly games with them, with devastating outcomes. Naomi Watts character is much more interesting here compared to her pathetic role in The International.

Its yet another hsemate's birthday today. The flour and egg storm is brewing. Gotta go prepare.

Till then, folks.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A special day.

The insane amounts of my crap that you had to endure.

The many problems I gave you.

The times that I let you down.

The disappointment, the painful consequence of my disobedience.

Yet your love for me never wavered, not the tiniest bit. Ever flowing from that forgiving heart of yours. (:

And I salute you, Mom.

Love, always and forever.

Your son,

Stephen Lim.

Blessed mother's day.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally updated.

Asraf's 23rd. Mayhem ensues.

Of Eggs, flour, water and lots of running and laughter. (: At 2 in the morning. The neighbours probably have a pretty safe level of tolerance, or they're just plain deaf. Once, even their Kia Carnival, parked inside their house, wasn't spared. Joe's egg projectile missed its target and went splat on it. Sthoopid fella had a crappy aim. For that, prompt clean-up was very essential to avoid any awkward confrontations in the morning after.

And unfortunately when that happens, the oldest in our house is usually the sucker receiving all the flak. Sorry dude. Hehe.

Mucking around and nonsense is generally the order of the day in the house.

Living outside is so fun. Made merrier when living with people full of crap by the bucketloads. (:

Quoted Jun, "I'D GO APESHIT ON YOU!!!"

Said to me, on one random afternoon. I super blur that time. o_O

Oh btw, apeshit = ballistic. Something I found out not too long ago.

Anyway, these few days its so hard to nap in the afternoon. Why? Cuz the neighbour has been making his house bigger. The workers incessant drilling and hammering is driving us dudes up the wall. So noisy lar. Prolly now is our turn to be tolerant, esp the fella who lives downstairs. He gets it way worse, as he's closer to the work site. Sad case.

Sigh, the heat has been blistering these days. The weather seems to have gone cuckoo. Dunno what happened to them clouds or rain. Humidity has peaked due to it too. Hot hot hot. Number of times I bathed is crazy.

Oh, and my snooze times has changed.

Yours truly. (:

That's all for now. May's schedule is looking bleak, with all the extra classes and final projects. Not to mention the final exam prep too.

Will blog whenever I'm free then.

Till then. (:

Monday, April 13, 2009


When the darkness fills my senses
When my blindness keeps me from your touch

Jesus come

When my burden keeps me doubting

When my memories take the place of you

Jesus come


And I'll follow you there

To the place where we meet

and I'll lay down my pride

As you search me again


Your unfailing love
your unfailing love

Your unfailing love over me again

This is the song has been in my head for quite awhile already. Good Friday. Saturday. Easter.

Simple yet so full of meaning.

Death. Resurrection. Love. Saving Grace. Mankind.

Moving on.

Events. Firstly, the UTAR Easter Rally aptly titled, U-Turn: A New Beginning. Went with Osama. Boy, it was undeed funny when people asked his name. Lols. Got invited by Pearlyn aka Ms. Stephanie the shopaholic. I've to say, the drama was actually pretty good. Sorry Turfy, no photos though.

Watched Fast & Furious 4. It was an okay okay movie. Nothing new, though. And there was only 1 puny race. And Letty died. Wth.

Been really busy with practices as the dates are drawing nearer. Yesterday was the shooting for the DVD. Lagi hectic. Hopefully no blackouts on the real day, lest the ensuing mayhem befalls everyone.

And I finally cut my hair. After 4 months. The first haircut of the year 2009, woohoo. Super short though.

Ah yes, the phone.

Thanks, Aunty Melinda. Love it.

Final projects, assingments and presentations are the order of the week.

So long, folks.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I've got nothing to do now, so I shall blog. Just got back from futsal with the cool people, was super fun indeed. (: We play futsal at ungodly hours, when most of the world is asleep. And yes, crazy nuts is what we are, coincidentially the game was indeed a tad crazy too. Haha. (:

Whoa, time is one heck of a fast-moving thing for sure! Its almost April already. Easter is just around the corner! And no, Shaun, I do not observe Lent. (:

Supposed la, to be midterms this week. But its all so chillax here. Mandarin oral was on Monday. It was hilarious, really. Animals, was the topic that was covered. Got la monkey, kangaroo, giraffe, camel, leopard, deer, wolf, crow etc. Wth.

The debate scene. I've taken a temporary break, for now. Am bent on working and brushing up on my gray areas in time for the upcoming President's Cup in July. Style used is the Asian Parliamentary. In the future, will probably give the British Parliamentary style a serious thought though. Unlike the usual 3 a team in the Asian, its only 2 for the British. More challenging. And arghh, gotta read, read and read more. AUDC, AUSTRALS, WORLD'S (WUDC), WUPID. A boy can dream. (:

Paroimia. Our upcoming Easter production by the Youth Ministries of FGA KL.

A production on the biggest budget yet. And it is good. And believe me when I say so. So if you're free on the 17th, 18th, 24th and 25th of April, do drop by and witness for yourself the tale of colours. :) Click here for more info.

On a random note, the shotgun has been dormant for way too long. I have nothing to shoot nowadays. If you feel like bleeding, don't hesitate to give me a call! Will arrange a meet-up and prolly shoot you. Maybe to death? LoL. :D

Watched this.

5/10. Storyline was fine, but the action was too little. Pace was too slow too. And there's zero chemistry between the two lead casts, which was a tad disappointing. Oh wells. The Fast & Furious 4 opens next Thursday. Can't wait! (:

That's all for now, folks. (:

Friday, March 6, 2009


The week has been busy. With practicals, lectures and the like. Won't be blogging alot these months, due to the lack of life in me lol, not too mention the impending assignments and midterms which is just around the corner.

Shit, midterms. Very much disliked.

Anyways, am currently on a high now. We won the Dean's Cup, an intra-uni debate tourney. Osama, Jun and me. Best speaker went to Osama. (: The same team will be leaving for the UITM Open tomorrow morning, minus me though. I ffk-ed them at the 13th hour due to the mission trip to Raub which is also on this weekend. I hope Sammy Eto will be able to fit in seamlessly with those guys. He's the best I could find anyway. All the best wei, Peeking Shit and Smurf. (:

And agreed, WD sucks. Buffalo still rocks. (:

Lastly, I just wanna say that the both of you has taught me much, and I appreciate it. (:

Till then, folks.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


The coldness.

Is frightening.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The weekend ended to soon. Osama stayed over, and no, Jian Shen, there were no casualties or any shit of that sort. Lol.

Went out to the Lagoon on VANTELINE's day with friends, had good fun. A great dinner followed after that. (: Pics are on their way.

Gah, first the internet screwed up, and died for a few days. Now, there's no water. Wth. Being able to use the washroom to piss and shit is now a luxury. It couldn't get any worse la.

Just got off debate prac for the upcoming Dean's Cup and also the UiTM's debate championship. The President's Cup is not till July, ample time for that.

And oh yea, Valkyrie. Saturday evening.

The last of 15 failed assasination attempts on Mr Schickelgruber, better known as Hitler. Its a darn good movie.

That's for the current happenings. Will elaborate on it when I've got more time.

Till then.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The long-awaited post.

Hello, blogosphere. To all u loyal readers of stephenwhacked, if there are still any left, I salute you. As far as I was concerned, this blog was already at death's door.

Anyways, I'm CPR-ing it to life. If not, all Josh's efforts would be sadly wasted. Haha.

Ah, the new semester. Only 7 subjects, with only 4 days of classes. It doesn't come sweeter than this. :) But there's a minor setback. There's one lecturer who is one bitch of a dude. Arrogant douchebag. Whole class beh tahan him. Oh well, this is where real tolerance comes in.

Its great to be back in Sepang, with all those guys. But especially great to be back with my friends, Osama and Arjuna. These two also happen to be my teammates in the debate team. Self proclaimed kings of crap, yet we trumped and are still defiantly undefeated. Osama can vouch for that. Haha. Life at the house has always been good, with the usual shit and what not, been thrown around every now and then. Deep deep, twirl twirl. :)

2009 has been great so far. Been really happy nowadays :) Am looking forward for this Sunday's trip too. A short getaway from the hustle and bustle of life. Just the 4 of us.

And also, anticipating with dark glee the sweet sound of the 40-round magazine being loaded, the simple flip to semi-auto, the dead aim and the silent prayer mouthed before the heavenly pull of the trigger in sync with the sound of Alan's doomed cat, for starters. :)

Oh yea, Happy New Year once again. Ox year, huh. Honestly, I never really had an interest into what animal every year is, because to me it is very much still a year, no matter what animal that year is, really. Oh yea, there was an eclipse too, about 4.30 pm yesterday.

Issues. A constant stream of it, it seems. The world is so unfair, yes, many would agree. Shit gets thrown at you, you bloody well learn to pick it up and toss it back. Just deal with it. Until you learn to do that, it'll keep on coming. And the rumour game, is one dangerous and volatile thing.

Random ramblings. Barack Hussein Obama would be a good president, or rather that's what I'm hoping. Next, the ceasefire at the Gaza Strip is something we all wanted, so quit complaining. If you want less casualties, kindly inform your Hamas infidels to stop firing rockets into Israel and then hiding among civilians. And then you whine about the civilian casualties. White phosphorous and those bombs with teeny weeny pieces of metals that destroy yr internal organs etc are all the consequences of a few rockets fired into the land of Israel, which happens to be God's chosen people. Talk about self inflicted pain.

Moving on.

I'm happy that you finally got what you wanted.

Striking white. Good choice. I shall transform it into a mean machine for you. :)

And before I end this post, I'd like to share this particular quote that is very close to my heart.

"Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright that God may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. That is your oath."

"Arise, a knight."

Till then, folks. (:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

For 2009.

God has not promised
Skies always blue,
Or flower strewn pathways,
All our days through.

God has not promised,
Sun without rain,
Joy without sorrow,
Or peace without pain.

But God has promised,
Strength for the day,
Rest for the weary,
And light on the way.

Grace for the trials,
Help from above,
Unfailing sympathy,
And undying love.

I needed this to kick off my 09. =)

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Stayed home today and watched...

This comedy is basically about a man who helps strangers die happily ever after, if not they'll come bothering him. Its a good watch, a quirky one too.

This film, based on a true story, revolves in the early 1970s in the city of Rochester, New York, as it is being shaken by the murders of three girls. All three had matching first and last initials. The killer was never caught, and the tale is told in this movie. Its a good thriller, which sadly wouldn't be shown in Malaysian screens due to its graphic content.

This movie is an utter flop. Even the women in it couldn't save it from doom.

And oh yea, my number has died. Maxis has been wrecked with so much problems lately, and my line wasn't spared. The new number is 016-6241438. Please delete the old number, as it has been rendered useless. Thank you.

That's all for now.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


2008 was unforgettable.

Of happiness, joy, sorrows, regrets and pain.


And I do not regret a single moment of it. It was a really life changing year for me.

A great year indeed.

But as of now.

The red carpet has been rolled out for you, 2009.