Sunday, December 31, 2006

Reflections. Of the year that has been.

Another year has gone by. My, what a year it has been. For me it was one of THE year, due to the impending doom of STPM lol. So much for a year highlight. But that has also passed too. So all that's left now is fun. Wahahaha. No really, its over. Hehe.

2006. The year when the emergence of lameness plague was at its peak, happily striking down mankind haha. I just had to say it. My thanks to Jian Shen (Jianeration), Lemuel and Brian for making this possible. And all you other lamers out there who in one way or another, has contributed, oh so wonderfully, to this society of lamers. 21-gun salute. BOoM! (x21).

In a more serious tone. The joys, laughter, fun, pain, sadness...a potpourri of 2006. It comes and it goes. But the fond memories of 2006 will always be remembered and cherished. And whatever the year may be, just keep in mind that we have a God up there that's the same yesterday, today and forevermore.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006


2nd post of Christmas day. My cousin, Jee Wen, is staying at my house for a night. He's 19. Currnetly studying at RMIT in the field of psychology. Very soft spoken dude. Awesome guy. Talks like an Aussie though. Can't blame him, he's been there for the past 12 years ( not like some people, go there few months already got oh-so-obvious fake accent...). He even gave up his Malaysian citizenship (sucker no i.c haha). Now he's an Australian. Stupid traitor. Lol. He's a freethinker. Been trying to bring him to Christ but he's very skeptical and cynical. Argh. He came to church once but he got so bored. He came for the Christmas presentation though. That also was because he needed to shoot it for his dad (my uncle) back in Australia. Well, i hope uncle Ching likes it. And thanks for the present too. Appreciate it. And yeah, Jee, u better buck up on your chinese. Its really pathetic. Haha. Thats all for now. =)

Monday, December 25, 2006


Every year it comes and goes. But its lasting true legacy lives on. The birth of the pure and perfect antidote for the sins of mankind that has been committed, is committing, and will commit. A total sin washout, really. The offspring of our God. Fall on your knees in awe of His glory. It happened millions of years ago but it still resides inside the heart. Come on now, who is Santa Clause? A fat man who has a serious weight problem who resides at the Pole? pathetic. No, Christmas has a far deeper meaning. That you gotta understand.

Merry Christmas, y'all. May the joy and the spirit of Christmas echoes all around. And blessed are those who celebrate its true meaning.

In Relentless Pursuit.

That was the logo of this year's camp (thx Brian..haha). 'In Relentless Pursuit' was the theme. A much-needed refresh in my life. Life for me was getting mundane, and i needed a zap in my spiritual walk. There were times when i stood in the presence, and peace reigned. Most of the time my conversation with Him was something of conflict, but it was satisfying nevertheless. I relished the time i spent with Him during those 4 days.

Yeah, the people, games, food (some only, not all), sessions and atmosphere was great, but most of all the touch from Him is the most yearned for. And He touched me. And it was far greater than anything else. He used someone called Ps. Andrew Gray to speak into each camper's life and it was indeed something that was parallel to YC's vision about moving on and maturing.

2nd day of camp, i fell ill. Had to frequent the gents a couple of times a day. It must be either the water or the watermelon. But in His presence, i felt fine. But the nagging pain only comes after meals. Shucks. Thanks, Jack, for the wind oil, hehe. And yeah, its was ridiculously cold too. it rained everyday. And i forgot to bring my sweater. Just right. But thank you, Randy, for your sweater. It was so useless it couldn't keep even a mouse warm. Lol. Just kidding.

Killers at camp. Strangling Ian. Hehe.

Mui Lin and Johnathan, you both were terrific assistants. We had our fun, haha.
Jason, I'm glad you enjoyed camp. See? I told u so.
James, you were phenomenal on the drums. Hope your fingers heal well too.
Aaron, He has never given up on you. So please la, dude, change!
Anthony, you're gonna get it one day. The ultimate sabo calamity.

The whole 2nd camp. In Relentless Pursuit.

Conclusively, God did something special in Camp 2006. And it'll be even bigger at Camp 2007.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


The 10-day vacation in Bali was good. From the people, food, sunset, surfing, river rapids, fishing, shopping, eye candy...I looked back and said, it was all good. Hehe. Really, though i went there practically straight after Physics paper 2. Went to see someone before rushing off to the airport. Stayed at Kuta for 3 nights before moving to Candidasa for 6 nights. Anyway, pictures say a thousand words, so here are some...

The pool in Green Garden Hotel, Kuta. Pretty small though.

The pool in The Royal Bali Beach Hotel, Candidasa. Very peaceful. Good for relaxing. Lol.

The majestic descent of the eye of heaven in Bali.

You couldn't get tired of it. A sight to behold.

Kuta Beach is known as the surfer's paradise.

It looked easy, but it was really hard to learn. No joke.

Once you've gotten the hang of it, its kinda fun though.

Yeah thats the way its done.

Yeah that's me surfing in the evening. The fella in the water is my bro. Lost his balance on his board. Sucker.

At the Hard Rock hotel. One of the nicest hotels in Bali.

At rice fields on the way to river rapids. Those fields stretches as far as the eye can see.

At the waterfall. Thats my bro looking for a loo in the background. go pee in the waterfall la.

At Mt Batur, an active volcano. That's mum on the right.

In front of The Royal Beach Bali Hotel.

At the Malibu Cafe.

The tuna i caught. It was quite big. Weighed about 4kg.

Before taking a dip in the pool.

The sands at Candidasa is black due to the volcanic ash. The sea is clean though. Weird.

The beauty of the sun captured at Jimbaran. Had dinner right here at the beach.

Bintang was their local brew. It was okay, but got room for improvement.

So that's pretty much about my time in Bali. Would surely to return here again just to do shopping. Its a shopping haven, believe me. At least much better than here. I think.

Monday, December 4, 2006


Was just thinking about it the other day. So i decided to write my thoughts about it. Here goes. Existing in a morally confusing world isn't really fun. I think. We disagree about right and wrong, of course, and why not , since we have at one time or other disagreed about almost everthing else. Terrorist may believe they are doing right when they hijack planes and kill hapless passengers in cold blood. you may believe they are doing a terrible wrong against humanity. So, you and the terrorist disagree. Does the fact that you and the terrrorists do not see eye to eye mean that neither of you can be correct?

Come on now, lets reason together. Do we live in a world where nobody is ever really right or really wrong? Is human life a moral hodgepodge, a bedlam of conflicting feelings, where nobody's opinion on right or wrong is ever any closer to the truth than anyone else's opinion? I don't think so. In fact, the worst thing we can do for the human family, in my opinion, is to leave right and wrong up to everybody's sovereign gut feelings.

Don't we sense the moral factor in life when it comes down to it? For most of us, it is an intuition we could not deny if we wanted to. We cannot wash it out of our souls anymore than the ocean can wash away its own bottom lol. We see morality in life simply because our humanity is in touch with a deep design for how human beings are meant to treat each other.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

So close...yet so far.

Anticipating the end of exams is quite fun. But overcoming these 2 papers currently is the important objective that must, at all costs, be fulfilled. But confidence is a big question mark over here, especially since i haven't exactly been doing well in these two fields of study. And sadly, my chemical romance never did worked out. I still hate the subject, particularly in the organic field. Suffice to say, the inorganic part permanantly stamped the Guess(?) mark on my brain. But taking whats left of the positives, physical chemistry has been okay so far. But too bad, chemistry is made up of all 3 fields. So yeah, lots of effort have to be thrown at it. Surely too late for that now.

Physics. Millions saw the apple fall, but only Newton asked why. Argh. Viciously inducing forlorn misery in the future field of modern physics. But radioactivity rocks. And so does quantum physics. You may call it a welcome change from kinematics and electronics. Hehe. But it all comes down to understanding, in this field. Easier said than done though. The mind gets all twisted and buried amidst formulae that doesn't particularly make sense. Oh well.

Freedom? maybe after i get past these 2 papers. But then, nothing is impossible to the human will, with help from above. I will get through it, through the Helper who strengthens me.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Chemistry and other stuff.

The killers has landed. They're arriving next week, on Tuesday and Thursday respectively..both highly skilled assasins actually. One's tilted on chemistry, the other on Physics. Smart of the goverment, to save the best for last...guess they really plotted our demise when they came out with the exam schedule. But if i survive this, its the end. In other words, exams are over. Chemistry 2 is on Tuesday while Physics 2 is on Thursday. 10.30am on Thursday is the official time when all hell breaks loose. Hehe.

But darn potong sthim la, i flying off to Bali at 2pm on that same day. What the heck la. Can't enjoy after-exam madness with my friends. Instead, i'll be stuck on a stupid plane for 3 hours, not to mention being frisked later at the Bali airport on arrival. Can't really blame them fot the extra precautions taken though, after the bombings. But still...haihz..

Roti Jala?

Anthony: Eh Stephen you're the group leader for roti jala. please come out with a song and do the banner.
Stephen: What?!..Dude, I'm in the midst of STPM now la....
Anthony: .......................

Yeah that's how i found out about it. Now now there's no need to panic. after all i've got 2 asses, um i mean assistants, Jonathan and Mui Lin. But none of us are good in art, for crying out loud. Well, hopefully everything can be done before camp, since all of us seem to be missing at the most inappropriate time. One going Ipoh, the other going Singapore and the another going Bali. Not exactly what I intended it to be. But there's nothing that can be done about it anyway.

And yeah, thank you so much Angeline, for helping with the banner. Really appreciate it. I owe you one.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Stressed. But there's so much more to it.

It wasn't gonna be a good day. Went into the general paper exam with a throbbing headache like a drum, first thing in the morning. Ain't a smart thing to do, sleeping so darn late before exam. Hell, here's the consequence. Well, thank high heaven, the paper was okay, except the bloody ridiculous essays, mumbling goodness for the graph. But in the end, paper completed right on time. Weew.
Decisions. Seem to be making the wrong ones quite frequent. Oh well. But thank God, i have something called prayer. A massively neglected resource for making right decisions. Its a simple matter of seeking insight from God. No, it's not a lazy mind's desperate resort to magic, not at all. Just a way of tapping into a wisdom way better than mine. So, prayer is really a sensible thing to do. Since decisions are made on a daily basis, what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Your baby.

When he is quiet, He's listening to you.

When he is not arguing, He realizes he's wrong.

When he says, "I'm fine" after a few minutes, he means it.

When he stares at you, he thinks you're the most beautiful thing in the world.

When you're laying your head on his chest, he has the world.

When he calls you everyday, you know he cares.

When he say he loves you, he means it.

When he says he can't live without you, he's with you forever.

When he says, "I miss you", he misses you more than you could have ever missed him or anything else.

But best of all, when you're in his arms...there's nothing that could ever be better.

Laine, it is you.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Post-exam scribble...

A big shadow has loomed over me in the form of Maths 2. Its eerie fingers of trigonometry, statistics and probability reaches out at catches me, dragging me down to the unfathomable abyss called "pass-year questions". I follow it without question with hope of escaping a particular pursuer constantly hot on my trail called "Failing Maths 2". I tremble and meekly follow that shadow that has a worthy end called "the day after tomorrow". Hehe. Yeah, its on tuesday. Nah, the situation ain't as bad as described above, but it's close to it. And i'm working on it because my dad screwed me for not studying the whole day. Talk about forced motivation huh. So much for it. Yeah, i finished that pass-year workbook. But then, what have i gain, other than this constantly nagging pain of a headache? Crap. Hi Mr. Panadol. May i ask you a question? How many dolls do you have in your pan now? That was emal, uh no, lame. Failed humour dose, sorry. But i did gain something else. I know now what those numbers mean. You're supposed to press the calculator until a logical answer pops out. Hehe. Okay i admit, i'm not okay, i promise. Hey, nice song by My Chemical Romance. I never liked chemistry, so i must listen to them before chemistry paper, haha. If you get what i mean. Lol.

But not all is doom and gloom. I had a pleasant surprise by FlyFM, whch resulted in me and my baby getting to go on a dream date or something like that. Pretty cool actually. But there's a price to pay. Became the laughing stock of those who caught it on air. But it was a friggin good laugh, though i was quite embarassed Lol. The whole thing was Or whatever you call it.

Thank you for that present, sister. It was awesome.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

3rd Anniversary.

Today marks our 3rd anniversary. 3rd! Time flies...i didn't forget k...and i'll never will. And you know it. so far, the journey has been breathtaking, and its nice to know that is still a long way to go from here. Worried for the ending? Never. Wanting it to last? Forever. People can say what they want. but who's listening, right? Its not like we dish shit about it. What matters most is the individual. It is once said that separation makes the heart grow fonder, or something like that. It's true. This heart longs for you, the unquenchable burning desire within. Just remember this moment. This time. When you're reading this, or each time u read this, you will remember,oh so gently, the times spent together and the love showered upon you. I don't ask much in return. Just you. And i'm looking forward for the many beautiful moments that are still to come. And i thank God for you. Yes, its not all a bed of roses, but i won't give up, and i know, neither will you. We will go through it together, hand in hand.

i love you so much, baby Laine.

First post. STPM.

Stpm. ( hey its STePheM! ). Lol . Nah it stands for Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (winces at the thought of it...). All Form Sixers are condemned to take it. a nonsense exam, enough said.but then on the other hand, no words can do sufficient justice to it. After all, its the 3rd hardest exam inthe world, i was told. Didn't make the predicament any better though. But taking the positives, i'm halfway through it.Yay. But hell, the worst is yet to come. The killer papers, Physics and Chemistry 2, are 2 unholy weeks from now. God help me, this poor soul of a student. Would i boil those ridiculously thick revision books and mix it in chicken soup (my fav) and then guzzle it down with hope that everything in those books will be stored in my already saturated brain? I certainly hope i won't have to that, though utter stupiditiy calls every now and then. Sigh....

But the truth is simple actually. Do the best you can, and take comfort that God will take it from there. Just hand over the reins to Someone you can surely count on. Now, isn't that nice to know? ;)

Dedicted to all suckers (including me) sitting for STPM this year. I hope that u all will find the answer for every question u attempt n this exam (something not exactly possible, but still...). And may you all do well, and know that nothing is Impossible.