Friday, November 30, 2007

Study break.

Went back to uni this week for some replacement classes due to the mystery of the sudden disappearance of some of my brainy lecturers. And they all came back not too long ago. So all the classes that we so happily missed had to be replaced due to the credit hour system or something like that.

And this week is (supposedly) my study week, means we get a week off. (again, supposedly)

But because of the replacements, I had to spend 3 uneventful days at the uni. But I had the Engineering Drawing finals yesterday.

It wasn't as hard as we all thought it would be. I really thank God. I remember spending 3 long hours just to complete one super complicated drawing for my midterms. But it took me only an hour and 50 minutes to produce 2 inch-perfect drawings for my finals yesterday. Talk about speed.

And not forgetting grace too. =)

So that's the end of Engineering Drawing (finally). Its duration is only one semester. Thank God again for that. Now just have to wait for the results, praying fervently that I will make the grade. I don't wanna retake this subject next semester if I can help it.

Anyway, I came home yesterday evening. It was so hot back at the uni, but it was pouring on the way back. Its kinda nice to have the cool breeze that comes after the storm. A definite welcome change from the scorching weather back there.

Gotta prepare well for the rest of the papers that are yet to come. Them finals are this Monday, actually.

Ah, last but not least. The surviving pet of mine, happily dozing away.

This is for you, Jan.

I just had to put it up to irritate you. Hahaha.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hiatus, and a dear friend.

I apologize to those who frequent my blog often because I haven't been posting new reading material lately, due to the arduous act of fulfilling the many tasks and responsibilities of a university student. So no time to drop by at the world wide web. Pathetic, to me at least.

And its also due to the 2 week absence of the wireless internet which has gone to Taiwan to see her aunt. My wireless can walk and travel too. No kidding.

Damn, how time flies. 2007 is coming to a close soon. It'll be gone before most of you know it. So sit down, take a deep breath and spend a couple of minutes to reminisce of how you spent the past 11 months of 2007. Did you spend it wisely, or was it wasted without a moment's thought?

Think about it. You can waste anything in the world, but you can't waste time. You don't live long enough to have that luxury.

As for me, I've only have my approaching finals splat on my mind. Yea, its kinda late to have the finals, I know. But the stupid Quality Assurance (QA) people had other plans, so my finals is on the first week of December, which is only a week away. Oh well. In we dive into them books.

And study, study, study. Boy, who are you bollocking?

But i'm flying off to Australia for a vacation on the 4th day of exams. So long, suckers. But when I come back, I've gotta sit for the papers I missed. So no difference.

I'm going to end this post with some bad news.

I came home yesterday in evening, said hi to my parents, and also to both my pets. But only one came.

And mum dropped the bomb on me. And I was nuked.

She said it quietly.

"Chips died."

Yes. My beloved chipmunk, whom has so gaily greeted me and each time I walked by or dropped by his cage to play with him, died on Monday.

I went bonkers after that. Enough said.

Man, i was fond of him. And I loved him. And he's gone now.

No more scraping of the cage. No more running on the wheel. No more.

I know i know, it might seem gay to be ranting so much about my pet but the fact remains.

I loved that cute lil brown stripey chipmunk.

Chips, you will always remain as my beloved pet. This is to you.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Of donuts and pets.


Pet rodents.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Saturday: Recounted.

I woke up at 10.30am. Ate breakfast. Shuffled around disturbing people at home. Hehe.

Read a book too. For One More Day by Mitch Albom. Its a good read. I recommend it to everyone who has a mother.

Headed to church in the evening. Service today was at the newly renovated main sanctuary. It's beautiful. Sweeet. But it looks smaller though. Anyway, it was a trial run to see if everything was fine after the makeover. The 8pm service after ours was at L5. Suckers, haha. As usual, the youth gets the best. Lol. The speaker today was our beloved Ps Dennis Balan, a joker with a passion for God.

Josh and I went for Angel's 21st birthday party after that. It was nice. At a golf clubhouse near her residence.

And watched the Arsenal match at the bar downstairs. They were playing against the Red Devils. The odds were level, fairly said. But it was a hell of a match, I tell you. I thought all was lost went Christiano whats-his -name (on purpose) scored the winner after Fabregas had equalised Rooney's goal (rather, an own goal).

But then Gallas, who scored an own goal earlier (it wasn't Rooney after all), redeemed himself by scoring in extra time to extend Arsenal's unbeaten run to 18 matches in all competitions. Mind you, in all competitions.

Undeniably, Fergie is gonna be real pissed at the linesman for letting in the goal, not to mention the referee too. Haha.

Came home and bathed. Talked to her. And decided blog (hence this post).

Goodnight. For now.

Friday, November 2, 2007


I caught a fairly large hopper poking around my room last night and decided to adopt it out of randomness. Boredom is also a contributing factor.

I give you...Christopher (simply because it rhymes with grasshopper).

I disabled his jumper leg to keep him from hopping around.

Attacking the thing that handicapped him.

But everyone knows that if you're up against something bigger than you, the percentage of getting away in one piece is relatively low.

And this proves it. The scissors came out the winner in the end. Duh.

But he's still alive though.

But then, later after the morning class...


Christopher is no more.

Forgive me.