Saturday, March 29, 2008


Home for the weekends after a hectic week of uni. Hectic, because of the midterms and presentations.

Stress-o-meter skyrocketed on Sunday night itself. I went back to the house, only to be greeted upon arrival by the sight of my housemates sweeping water out of the living hall to the door. Lots and lots of it.

The whole house was a swimming pool.

Constant waterfall at the stairs too. Wth.

I was told that my room wasn't that bad. But when I stepped on the plastic carpet covering my floor, I could hear the water beneath it. Those guys were so wrong. My room was equally bad, if not worse. Not to mention the further damage to the flooring too.

Spent the next few hours cleaning up.

And it was exam week. Sigh.

The rest of the days were fine. Wednesday was the busiest though. Had Mandarin in the morning, the Aircraft Handling presentation in the afternoon and it was Airframe at night.

Came back on Thursday night, straight after my Malaysian Studies paper, which was pathetic.

Friday was spent with her, and it was the cell as usual at night.

Going to bed now on an early Saturday morning. =)

Monday, March 24, 2008

More Shots.

Sunburst continued.

Gerhana Ska Cinta, one of the early acts.

Strutting their stuff.


George Clinton + Parliament Funkadelic.

Their dress sense is a lil weird.

Reza Salleh.

Melina Williams, the rocker bassist from Tempered Mental.

Love Me Butch plays at the Hitz Stage.

John Legend.

The crowd loved him.

Brandon Boyd loves KL.

Doing what he does best.

Same thing, but after getting rid of the shirt, much to the delight of the crowd.

All photos were taken by Joshua the photographer.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Been really busy with stuff these few days.

Caught a movie premiere on Monday night. Thanks Shaz.

The movie was a lil confusing, but it was a good watch nevertheless.

Anyway, Sunburst.

Human Foosball.

Attended some of the press conferences too at the media centre. Strictly for the paparazzi.

George Clinton and his band, Parliament Funkadelic. Crazy people with very interesting brand of funk.

Raul Midon. A blind singer.

Incognito. A jazz band that was very easy on the ears.

Chenelle. She looks really different in person. I prefer her on tv. Don't you agree?

And of course, Incubus. They inevitably had the most media audience. Their press conference was delayed and it was darn messy too. Those kids from the YTL foundation are partly to blame for it.

Incubus frontman, Brandon Boyd. He was very accommodating with the Q&A session eventhough it was pretty obvious that he mostly heared nuts.

There was even a pyrotechnic display.

One of our local acts, Tempered Mental. Getting ready to do their thing.

It was a solid performance from them. Good stuff.

Incubus rocking the crowd. It was phenomenal. Enough said.

This is just a preview. Pics of Gerhana Ska Cinta, Reza Salleh, Thed Roots and John Legend still to come! =)

On a more random note, i miss you.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Friday was a busy day.

Went to The Curve with Gabriel and Emily. One full of nonsense, the other a kindy principal.

Met up with her there, had lunch and then went for a movie.

Its a good movie. Mystical creatures and such.

Supposed to go footie at 5pm till 7pm. But we got delayed, courtesy of my butthead bro, Joel. He was stranded in Amcorp Mall because he couldn't get the car started. I called him earlier, giving him instructions on how to fix it but he didn't quite catch it.

So what to do? Had to drive all the way to Amcorp to fix it, which I promptly did. Yes, I knew how to do it cuz someone taught me how, a long time ago.

Sped to Score Arena after that, only to be brutally caught in the insane crawl at the Federal.

Finally reached at 6.30. Champion la. 1 hour and 3o minutes wasted.

Rushed home for dinner and cg. Reached home about 7.40 and cg starts at 8. Didn't want to go at first, cuz it was already quite late, but went back on my decision after second thoughts. Was there for only 20mins so. So champion.

Mamak-ed as usual, then headed home. Went to bed not long after that, which was around 1am plus. Rest was essential for the Sunburst music fest the following day.

But I didn't actually sleep well cuz Emily left her phone in my car and I had to nicely wake up early in the morning to pass it to her. Couldn't sleep after that. So much for a good rest.

Come Saturday.

Sunburst was awesome. Went there as a paparazzi with Josh. Pics in the next post. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

As it is.

Been sleeping way past the usual bedtime due the effort to meet assignment deadlines.

And no, I didn't procrastinate.

And when stress gets overwhelming, I talk to her. It's usually the best antidote. =)

And there's always COD 4, MOH Airborne and Hellgate London too.

When bored, I dig songs by Jack's Mannequin and Rilo Kiley. Currently hooked on them.

The mid sem break is next week. But so much for hols, cuz the midterms are after it. Sheisse. No joy.

Looking forward to the Sunburst KL International Music Fest this Saturday. A much needed break.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Blackout and a bee.

Tuesday night. Blackout.

The whole Sepang district.

So the whole area was plunged in total darkness.

The absence of the moon didn't make anything better too.

So we waited. For the power to come back.

So while we waited...


The victim was Jo. It was his 21st birthday on Monday, but didn't get a proper um, thrashing.

He was pelted with eggs yesterday but I guess that didn't suffice.

So about 10 of us gangbanged him during the blackout.

Poor fella.

Anyway, the power came back just in time for the Arsenal vs Milan match.

It was a great game. No English club has ever won at the San Siro, making victory all the more sweeter. And Milan were the current cup holders too. Well, no more I guess.

Anyway, while I was in my room, housemate barged into my room screaming, asking me what was in his right ear.

And this was what I found.

Apparently it had buzzed into his ear while he was peacefully sleeping. Poor fella was rudely awakened by the sound and the sharp pain that followed.

Had to pull the sting out of his ear. It hurt a hell lot, could tell that from his facial expression. Ear was swollen not long after that too.

Quite a painful experience for him.

Anyways, that's pretty much about the week.

You're so loved.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Another update.

Last week was tiring. Came home on Friday instead on the usual Thursday due to replacement classes and tests. The whole week was all about tests.

Sunday morning. On the way back after seeing her.

Maths was boring today. Today's lecture was about limits. Dr Rustem Sunchelev talked non stop for 2 hours or so, not knowing that half the class is missing. And the reason for the large scale of absentees is...

simply because he is Russian.

Lol jkjk. No racism here.

But yea, it's his sad teaching methods that keeps them away from class. But nevertheless, I attended the class.

Midterms are looming. Preparations zero.

Oh well.