Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Yet another one.

Yet another joke.

A deep-sea diver is twenty feet below sea level when he sees another guy with no scuba gear.
He goes down another thirty feet, and the guy with no equipment stays with him.
He takes out a waterproof chalkboard and writes,
"How the heck can you stay down this deep without equipment?"
The guy takes the chalkboard and writes,
"You dumbass, I'm drowning!!"

So funny.

Hahahahahaha. Sheesh, not funny anymore.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Syrup, Anyone?

Yesterday morning so random. Breakkie at josh's place.

Crystal made pancakes. Eggs used were 2 days past the due date, so yea, counted as rotten. But until now, still no stomach upset. So its cool.

And of course there's syrup.
(To eat with pancakes)

Where does syrup comes from? From the maple tree. So that's the history of syrup.

And hence, that's Maple Story.

Please laugh.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

There's no new post.

Seems nothing interesting happens nowadays.

Maybe this.

Saw it outside my office today. Nissan 350Z. Nice white too.

And goodness, Jian Shen started a blog. That's the end of blogsphere. Haha.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Mum's day.

Ahh today's is All Mum's Day.

As in, Mother's Day.

So, Happy Mother's Day, mum. (but then, its not like you're gonna read this)

But then again, its Mother's Day.

So stop staring and go hug your Mummy now. Go.

Hugs, mum. Cheers.

Your son,

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Shoppin in the land of smiles.

Someone asked bout the shopping there. So here are the 3 worthwhile stops. haha.



Emporio Armani.

Oh well, The rest of the shopping there is mostly like Petaling Street la. really. Their shopping malls are like Sungai Wang. Quite old fashioned. Nothing to shout about.

Except for Siam Paragon, which is like Starhill.

Enough said.

Friday, May 11, 2007

The land of smiles.

I certainly wasn't smiling when i touched down. Partly because i wasn't feeling good on the journey there. Head was pain. or rather, experiencing vertigo. Didn't help that dumb taxi driver couldn't find our hotel too. Finally, reached our hotel after 2 hours in the taxi. And was really hungry too cuz stomach was in dire need of dinner.

So that's pretty much how my trip to Bangkok started.

The rest is said in photos. lazy to write.

One of the many temples along Chao Phraya River. Longest in South East Asia. But dirty.

Temple that opens only once a month, on that Wednesday.

World War II cemetery.

Close-up shot of one of the few hundreds gravestones there.

My parents . And bro.

Ah my bro acting gay. as always.

Many prisoners of war died building this bridge. poor fellas.

Ah there he is at it again. sigh.


And their poop. Man, it is really huge. really huge. that explains their asshole size.

Parliament building.

Their King, Mr Bhumipol. Gosh, those Thais really really love their King. His image is plastered everywhere. Guess that explains his power.

So thats all, folks. My 5D4N Bangkok vacation.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Post update.

Ya i know i need to update my blog.

This month still no post. Yet.

Stuff done this month:

Bangkok conquered.

Joshua's birthdayed at Chili's.

Dota-ed. after such a long absence.

Will be updating on those soon.


I'll be back.

Hope this counts as an update, no matter how brief it may be.