Monday, July 21, 2008

Mission: Raub.

Came back last Thursday eventhough I had lectures on Friday, due to the impending mission trip to Raub the following day.

Picked up Sam and Josh and then rushed off to church.

Boarded the van and we were on our way. With Ming, Sek Teng, Cheryl, Sharon, Angie and Shern Ai.

In a nutshell, we spent 3days and 2nights there, came back on Sunday evening.

And oh my, it was certainly a blast. It was indeed an eye-opener for me.

Pics will be uploaded soon, once I've gotten all of it from Sam the cameraman.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back to business.

It's back to classes, assignments, stress and my encounter with crappy people whom I regard as my classmates.

Oh yea, collected my results for last semester's finals. Expected to barely pass only, and hopefully no failures.

Because, it would be a bloody hassle to re-sit the failed subjects, made worst with the sure-stupid timetable.

But then when I received my results...

Core subjects - 4 A
1 A-
1 B+

I am one happy dude. Not only no failures, but I did pretty well too. All glory goes to Him. =)

Osama, I'm very sorry to hear that you failed Electrical Fundamentals. I hope you will make the grade in the upcoming semester.

The upcoming semester has more subjects. Sigh, more work.

Looking forward to it, nevertheless.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


A sandwich. That was indeed delicious.

My main course. Medium rare sirloin. Loved it.

Took advantage of the free flow of Heineken too.

Candid shot of John, or was he posing? With confetti strewn on shirt.

Joel drinking his cuppucino. Notice the blurness plastered on face.

Oooo its goooodd... and if u think this is retarded..

I've got no comments.

My brother Joel rocks la.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Taken down the previous post cuz I deemed it inappropriate.

Anyways, here's a roll of events since the last post.

Finally caught Wanted. Not much of a storyline, mostly computer-executed actions. Fun watch though. Get Smart was so stupidly funny la. Not much of slapstick, just Steve Carrell humor at its best. Spies profiling? Hahahahaha...

Went to Urbanscapes. An art and music fest. Going there was a lil last min, and eventually arrived at KLPac at 10pm-ish. Went to the trance section, and Bass Agents was on the decks. Awesome.

Yesterday, went to Bangar Village 2, had lunch at Delicious and then back to church. Had dinner at Nathans with Sue, Becky and Joe.

Just got back from Avanti, an Italian-American Ristorante located in Sunway Resort Hotel, for lunch in conjunction my mummy's birthday. Good food galore.

Happy 47th Birthday, Mum.

More pics will be uploaded later.