Thursday, February 19, 2009


The coldness.

Is frightening.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The weekend ended to soon. Osama stayed over, and no, Jian Shen, there were no casualties or any shit of that sort. Lol.

Went out to the Lagoon on VANTELINE's day with friends, had good fun. A great dinner followed after that. (: Pics are on their way.

Gah, first the internet screwed up, and died for a few days. Now, there's no water. Wth. Being able to use the washroom to piss and shit is now a luxury. It couldn't get any worse la.

Just got off debate prac for the upcoming Dean's Cup and also the UiTM's debate championship. The President's Cup is not till July, ample time for that.

And oh yea, Valkyrie. Saturday evening.

The last of 15 failed assasination attempts on Mr Schickelgruber, better known as Hitler. Its a darn good movie.

That's for the current happenings. Will elaborate on it when I've got more time.

Till then.