Thursday, June 25, 2009

Long absence.

You thought that this blog has been abandoned by its owner. You were right. Till now.

The exam period. A very nervy period indeed. And at the same time, my long-serving laptop gave up on me. Bugger. Just when I needed it the most, cuz some important notes were in it. And I especially needed it to revise for the Software Programming paper, the DevC++ thing. Crazy numericals and codes.

The long hiatus was partly due to the final exam prep. And the last day of exams, supposed la, to be happy. But no, there was some car trouble which led to a helpless chain of frustrating events, leaving me stuck in Sepang for another night. Ish. So much for the start of the hols.

Things were much brighter after that though. Parents went to Singapore for a cruise to Phuket. Do the math.

The hols were lazy. Slept late and woke up late, with the usual going-outs in between. Nothing much worth mentioning except the recent Japan MotoGP that was held in Sepang last Sunday.

Two races. GT500 and GT300. The skies was pretty annoying, from big drops of rain to cloudy, then the scorching sun. But its all worth it when the cars came to view. Esp from the pitstop. And the deafening roar of the souped-up engines. The VIP viewing deck.

And I only saw 2 good looking GT queens though. The rest were all just average.

Here are a few shots. The album can be viewed on Facebook.

ARTA Garaiya (ARTA Garaiya GT300VQ)

FieLDS Bomex 320R (Vemac 320R)

Impul Calsonic GT-R (Nissan GT-R)

Petronas Lexus SC430

Triple-a Murcie RG-1 (Murcielago RG-1)

Thats the few. (:

Went for the Sakae Sushi buffet yest, and it was good. Not to mention the company too.


Yen Ying.

My place, after that.

F.O.C bunch. Full of Crap. (:

Transformers this saturday. Am keeping an open mind, after hearing mixed reviews about it.

The hols are fast coming to an end.

The song Look Up by indie outfit Stars is currently on repeat.

your girl, she's a renegade
a hurricane that keeps you there, safe
hurricane that keeps u there, safe...

thats all for now, folks. (: