Monday, August 25, 2008

Life continues.

A few updates.

A lil sunburst behind the clouds. Shot using my phone, while driving.

Still sorting stuff out at the new house. My new bed was changed due to some stupid problem involving the bed board. Nevertheless, another new bed arrived so I'm happy.

Was rummaging through some stuff when I came across this. It was daddy's old camera. And a pretty cool one too. Take a look...

The Yashica.

And something I bought for the princess.

Adorable lil things, ain't they?

And lastly, this is to a friend who departed peacefully on a Wednesday morning.

Wong Ju Liang, may you rest in peace, and may your soul find endless joy in heaven above. You were so passionate for God, eventhough you were suffering. And your life has inspired many. Knowing you was indeed a blessing.

Ju Ping, may you find peace and be comforted in such a time as this, knowing that your brother is now in heaven, free from all pain and suffering. Take care, dude.


A very happy 2nd anniversary. To the sweetheart of mine.

May your joy and laughter continue to resound within.

I Love You.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Moving on.

Attended my cousin's farewell on Saturday evening. It was held at Ogawa, some Japanese restaurant located at USJ Taipan.

His name is Ho Jian You. Leaving for U.S this Friday. Majoring in Finance.

Gonna miss you, dude. And please gain some muscle when you're over there la.


The dude.

The food was good. There wasn't much of a variety, though.

The other cousins, Jason and Martin.

And the brother who posed.

And oh yea, I have finally moved. My house has moved.

Wait. Sorry. I mean I've moved. I have finally switched houses. As in, my home back in Puchong. Though the new house is just a mere 5km away from the old one.

The last weekend was spent packing stuff into boxes and moving them to the new place. And it was giler-sial tiring.

Didn't go out at all, and I skipped church too. That was how much packing I had to do.

And yet I haven't really cleared my stuff yet. Half of it is at the new place and the other half is at the old place.

Anyways, here's something that mummy bought to help clean the floor.

Its no Roomba, but it certainly does the job. Its a lil intelligent thing that scurries around, sucking up dust with a static cloth located at the bottom.

Moving on..

Movies that I've watched lately.

It was an okay movie, with the usual scares and a lil blood here and there. Didn't know that the Mayan tribe were so hostile. Stupid ending though. Everyone died. Like wth.

Another good Judd Apatow flick, though Kristen Bell is nothing to shout about. Faking orgasms? Hilarious.
This movie is quite stupid. But then again, it's an Adam Sandler flick, but I expected better from him la. Stupid accent too. But Rob Schneider was damn funny in his Arab role.

That's all for now, folks.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008



3 days 2 nights. 1 unforgettable experience.

Up next, Passion World Tour 2008.

Another awesome experience.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Absence, Passion and a Dedication.

Yes, I was absent from the world wide web for a substantially long time. I wasn't really bothered about it until now.

Lazy to post Raub shots. Read Sam's blog here if you want to read an almost detailed diary about the entire trip, pictures included.

6 long days at the uni is taking its toll of me. I came back on Saturday, late afternoon. And I'm already on my way back to uni on Sunday night. Shucks, spent less than 24 hours back home. The semester timetable is sucking big time.

Went for Passion World Tour 2008, last night. The turnout was stupendous. Went there early, to avoid the massive jam. A lil past noon, and the Pyramid parking was already max-ed out by then. And oh my, what an experience it was. Chris Tomlin was crackin amazing up there, and so was Loius Giglio, who gave a very inspiring and heart warming message.

The church of God shall rise. Among this generation. God is in this city.

And Ashley, may the story of your life continue to render the hearts of many out there, as it did to mine.

Chris Tomlin ended the event with a blast. It was indeed awesome.

And I just only woke up. Gonna start an assignment. Another stretch of uni life.

But I'm starting this week with a smile.

Last but not least...


May you live long. But wiser every year? No comments... =p