Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The art of making wise choices has never been mastered by anybody, purely based on the simple fact that perfection has never once been attained. After all, to err is only human. Hence, the possibility of our choices to sporadically sprout undesirable outcomes and consequences is, indeed, an everyday thing.

To sum the above in one word... Mistakes. Screw ups. And the list goes on.

I once read somewhere that good choices are the result of making bad choices. How true. But then again, this doesn't necessarily apply to all scenarios.

Anyway, we must learn, because the action of repeating one's mistakes over and over again is the simple definition of utter stupidity.

Moving on.

After a long hiatus because of the Paroimia production, cg resumes at Emily abode. Josh's birthday. Whipped cream. Sorry Winson, you were asking for it too. Heh. (:

Shot the cg video the following day. Same place. Video is darn lame. So lame till one take was good enough lol.

In the evening, it was Sammantha's 21st cum farewell. It was quite an experience emcee-ing the event. A few mistakes and slips here and there, but otherwise it was fine la. Have fun in Scotland, woman. Its been great knowing you after all these years. And be good!

The end of the semester approaches at a worrying pace, and not far behind it is the the much dreaded finals, its unforgiving dark line already visible on the horizon. There's quite a load to study and feed upon during the upcoming prep week in 2 weeks time, given the wide syllabus scope. I need the nerd bug to bite me now. And bite a few times, if possible. One bite won't do shit for me.

The exam schedule sucks. There's a needless 4-day break between the 1st day and 2nd day of exams. The 1st paper, Aircraft Structures, is on 3rd June, and then the next paper is on the 8th. Hydraulic & Pneumatics. Well, at least there's ample time to do any last min prep.

The weather is still in the suck mode. Even the taps spew warm water.

And this movie is quite a good watch, if you like thrillers.

Its revolves around a family who are terrorized by 2 men. They make the family play deadly games with them, with devastating outcomes. Naomi Watts character is much more interesting here compared to her pathetic role in The International.

Its yet another hsemate's birthday today. The flour and egg storm is brewing. Gotta go prepare.

Till then, folks.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A special day.

The insane amounts of my crap that you had to endure.

The many problems I gave you.

The times that I let you down.

The disappointment, the painful consequence of my disobedience.

Yet your love for me never wavered, not the tiniest bit. Ever flowing from that forgiving heart of yours. (:

And I salute you, Mom.

Love, always and forever.

Your son,

Stephen Lim.

Blessed mother's day.