Friday, March 30, 2007

A tribute.

There was this certain guy who i sorta grew up with. He's a skinny fella, but with attitude. Known him better when he was in form 1, when he, Wee Jim and Joel were 3 childish twits in YC haha...he joined JC works, me included, and found out that we were the only guys there, not to mention Ian Choong too. Ah, being the only guys there was fun, esp during the practices lol. Anyway, later on this dude joined the offering department, and was known as the offering boy. Haha. Well, now its known as the MSN dept, anyway. He's also the one who constantly encouraged me to join CF, but sorry dude, i was a total sinner that time and didn't really took yr words seriously. I apologize. Anyway, when he was going to leave school, i ironically joined lol. I also followed him home as my mum will pick me up from his house. He went on to be a YC leader, a really influential one. And yeah, he shuffles good too. Dunno bout now though. Lol.

But time has flown by. Look at where u are now. Malaysian traitor in Aussieland. Lol. Anyway, i believe God has a great plan for your life, dude. No matter how hard u fall, just get up la and move on. And SThimY awaits you. You know what i mean.

A Tribute to a great friend of mine. Daniel Wong Ju Xiang.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fur thingy.

Let me introduce to you my new pet. Its a Roborovski hamster. Real tiny fella. And adorably human-friendly too. Just got it today only. Its so tiny that i can't determine its gender. I assumed its a male anyway. But he hasn't been christened yet. And he's gila hyper. Maybe its because he eats so much and his body metabolism skyrockets lol. Here are a few shots of him... ( photos taken using the sony ericsson k618i)

And i have a pet chipmunk too. His name is Chips. He's much bigger than the tiny fella up there. And way much older. He doesn't bite though, which makes him human-friendly too. But also quite hyper.

So now i have 2 nutty mammals. The sound they make when munching on nuts is quite irritating lol. Oh well.

Friday, March 16, 2007


Pictures say a thousand words.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Sign on most elevators in Malaysia:


My Answer to that statement?


Had the usual N.B.T.D (Nothing Better To Do) thing in me. Hehe.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Time has been flapping its wings and flying so fast lately. It's could possibly be due to the "everyday-so-obviously-mundane" thing...

Wake up, go to work, work ass off, and then come back from work, relax awhile then its back to bed. (something like school life, but hours longer) By the way, work is from 10.30pm-7.30pm.

And the fact its a 7-day work isn't making it better. Social life slowly slipping down the longkang. Well, its seems to be.

So boring..

Wish there is more to this.

Slams the keyboard. Shizer, Kevin ( the supervisor here at Sky Enigma Bhd) heard it. Sorry.

Blogged in the sad.