Saturday, June 28, 2008

One long post.

My holidays have been great so far. Had no inspiration to update, thus explaining the glaring lack of one.

Gawsh, the carefree days are coming to an end sooner than I expected them to be. I dread the new semester.

I'm gonna talk about stuff that's only worth mentioning. Because its really late and I really have to sleep soon.

1. Josh's gig, entitled This Is Acoustic, Six Feet Under. IndiCine, KLPac. It was good experience. The other singer-songwriters were good too.

Izzy Mohammad entranced everyone with her voice, and one of her songs entitled Closed Door is simply splendid. Give it a listen here.

Wani Ardy, on the other hand, has a sweet voice, to me at least. Her songs are happy, catchy and nice. Listen to her stuff here.

Joshua Foong. Errr... can't praise him, if not his head gets too big for his body Hahahaha.. But yea, his song entitled Brilliant is one of his best works so far. To the majority. I think.

Last but not least, Ian Chow. Pretty talented guy, but his music that night was a lil off la. Enough said.

2. Watched movies that I wanted to watched. Hulk was entertaining. Much better than the mess that Ang lee did. Maybe cuz Arwen was in it.

Kungfu Panda was hilarious.

Wanted to watch Wanted today, but didn't. Darn it la.

3. Her birthday. Bbq party. It was plain fun. Her friends are a nonsense bunch la.

Anyway, may you continue to mature both physically and spiritually, and let your every step be guided by the One above, as He continues to bless you till your cup runneth over.

4. Read a fiction entitled The Host by Stephenie Meyer. A psychological thriller that is passionate yet intriguing. A simply delightful read. The author still lives up to her expectations, after her highly-successful Twilight saga. Thanks Min, for the book.

Now, I can hardly wait for Breaking Dawn, which continues where Eclipse (the 3rd installment of the Twilight saga) has left off.

5. I am going to sleep now. Yes, that's worth mentioning. For now.

On a random note, Happy Belated 20th Birthday, Cheryl Ho. Though you'll never read this, but yah.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


To an angel who has brought me unsurmountable joy and happiness.

May u have a very Blessed and Happy Birthday.

I love you so much.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Crazy itch.

Scratching like a mad monkey.

Stupid sandfly.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Port Dickson is far from being on my list of note-worthy, sun-kissed beaches. The beaches at P.D are pretty dirty.

But thank God, the beach at our side was clean enough. Water wasn't crystal clear though.

But it was fun nevertheless.

I present you... The gays of the trip. Lol.

A lil' lagoon-like enclosure. With coconut trees encompassing it. Picturesque.

Low tide.

Its fun watching Jed skimming with the skimmer. Or rather, trying to skim.

Jed, me, Joe and Tim. Joe holding his skimboard.

Banana boats are simply fun. Especially fallin' off them.

The wide, blue ocean.

I adore sunsets.

Pretty, ain't it?

Glowsticks in the sand. Our only source of light during the after-dinner walk on the pitch dark beach.

Some fun fair that we went to kill time.

The pics sums up pretty much of the entire trip. It was a much needed break after the hectic semester.

Wanted to get a tan but was unsuccessful. Shucks la. Too much sunblock, I guess.

Anyways, I just got home from the saloon. My hair was in a desperate need of a trim.

The result.

I'm on hols for one whole month. Woohoo.

Friday, June 6, 2008

More writings.

Finals are over. It was only 4 days for our class, and I did enjoy wishing those blessed suckers who still have papers tomorrow. *grins* As for me, I'll be contentedly basking under the after-finals effect. Haha.

Anyway, the last paper, Electrical Fundamentals II, was quite a stunner. Some questions were ridiculous, because the content weren't in our already wide study scope. And then another question arises. How then are we supposed to answer it? Crap la. Did it on a prayer la, nevermind the shooting.

Hopefully no failures. Hope and pray.

And I must say, the fuel prices is getting increasingly stupid. I mean, what's a new subsidy plan if the fuel price keeps going up, up and away? Utter nonsense la. Asking us for a lifestyle change? I think a PM change would be better. The pressure for you to step down will all the more be stronger. The stock market has dropped like shit because of this, and word has it that there'll be street protests. Oh well.

Anyways, lets get back to the sunshine. The much craved for, month-long semester break is all rolled out before me. Kicking it off with a trip to P.D with some friends later. Will be back on Sunday.

May you have a safe journey to Singapore. You will be terribly missed, and dearly loved like always.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Finals are going on now. I feel so un-prepared la...

And as weird as it sounds, I'm in an upbeat mood. I don't know why.

2 down, 4 more to go.

Tomorrow's Engineering Maths. Aiming for a high distinction for this one.

Wednesday is gonna be a long day. Darn. Sitting for 2 heavy duty papers on that day, back to back. Poor brain is gonna be running on overdrive most of the day.

And I know this is kinda late, but United was flippin' awesome.

It was no ordinary concert. Yes, the sounds, lights and songs were all great but no, this was different. So different than the other concerts I've been to. This one was clearly driven by a cry, a calling, to reach out and save the lost. Our generation.

Joel Houston challenged us to be an impact in our beloved country, Malaysia. It did hit hard.

And it certainly got me thinking. For all those who went, you know what I'm talking about.

Suffice to say, the worship was flat out awesome too. The whole thing was worth paying for, after all.

Anyway, gotta go back to my books.

Ah, university exams. I don't really fancy it.