Monday, December 29, 2008


I'm in Penang.

Am here, on vacation.

But I am sick.

So champion la.

Just got 2 jabs in the ass. Hopefully it'll tantamount to something.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas was started with the morning service at 8a.m.

Got Shereen from her place, adjourned to church after that. This year's program was by the kids, Children's Church. On a personal opinion, I find the Christmas play this year a lil cliched. But the lil ones were adorable, nevertheless. And the theme for this year was the call to come home, to come back to the Father.

Had a Christmas luncheon with the relatives, after that. Didn't really take many shots though. Photos were stolen from the aunt.

Aunt Sharon bedeviled me. =)

With Uncle Kevin.

Everyone crashed my place for a time of talking and talking non stop, with some lame games in between.

Alicia, queen of the hula. Here she is, twirling 2 hoops at the one time for what seemed like forever. And she can seriously dance. Dancing future? Pretty bright, when compared to...

This boy who can't twirl shit, but does a darn good job at humping instead of hula-ing. Hahaha..

Everyone was in stiches watching him go. =) I give you, Joel.

After the games, I received a call from Josh saying that Winson's dad had a sudden cardiac arrest. Not long after that, I was informed that he had gone to be with God.

I lost the mood to do anything after that. It was mighty saddening. Winson, we are here for you. As a cg, as a unit. Stay strong, bro. Words alone won't wipe away the pain, but our Father above can. May you and your family find peace amidst the pain. And I am awfully sorry that I won't be able to make it for the memorial or funeral, as I would be in Penang.


Went to Putrajaya with Shaz, Jack and Josh to make new identity cards. Our current ones were in a rather dilapidated condition. Mine, for one, had split into 3 parts. The card quality sucks la, no questions about that.

The wait to be served was long, but the service was very efficient. =) Because its Putrajaya ma, some might say. Haha.

Shaz's number. His counter also had a nice number. 007, sial.

Last but not least...

A cap, personalized towel and quirky socks.

It was simply sweet. =)

And I'll be leaving for Penang later. Can't wait.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Its the time of the year.



Sunday, December 21, 2008

The usuals.

Alot has been going on, lately.

The U.S Congress has approved US$700 billion bucks to bail out Wall Street bankers from their financial irresponsibility.

Japan proposes record budget to bolster economy.

We have Obama bolstering recovery plans as the economic outlook dims. All the best, dude.

Drastic lifestyle changes, for some people.

Inflation is nothing compared to what is going on now.

That's all for current world issues that are worth mentioning.

Anyways, the finals are finally over. Let the party begin.

Went to Starbucks after the last paper, with the KarachiDude. Met up with Pearlyn and Shereen. Had fun talking and crapping, just the four of us. A vacation, maybe? We're all in dire need of one anyway, hence the awful load of crap. :)

My ext. HD has been a joy for many people. The movies in it is the cause, not to mention the tv series too. But I need it back. So whoever is having it, kindly pass it back. It isn't right to keep something that isn't yours.

The Christmas gathering on Thursday.

Emily and the photographer.

The subjects.

Anyways, the family is back from their vacation.

Their effort in trying to make it up to me. Surfsuit, amphibious tee, boardies, khakis and a denim. I'm happy.

Shyt, after hearing all the happenings from Joel, I wanna surf!! Darn it.

But there's still this Saturday's Penang trip to look forward to. :)

Christmas is around the corner. I haven't done any Christmas shoppin' yet. Shucks.

That's all for now.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


And we thought it was a kitten.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The end?

Haven't been blogging lately because the blogging drive kinda fizzled out.

Will be back, maybe.

Till then.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


In a lousy bid to de-stress...

Monday night, after the Electronics paper. 10.20pm.

A good movie overall, though I can't say much about its helpfulness in reducing the stress level.

All my friends curled up in a fetal position on the cinema chair practically throughout the movie. And mind you, they are all supposedly tough guys. They practically watched the entire movie through the slits in between their closed fingers, because their hands were covering their eyes. A few of them even yelled halfway through it. And furthermore, these people are used to the horror-gore genre.

And to see them like that was absolutely pure gold. :) Laughed my butt off after that.

And yea, the movie is a good heart-stopper, with the scare tactics at the right places and at the right time. I admit, I was pretty grossed out myself too.

Sigh. It's 4am and I'm blogging. Taking a break from revision.

And the download speed of my torrent client hit the sky too. :)

Click to view a larger size. Samuel, this is the reason why you should be using this. Haha.

Getting back to my notes now. Gah, some life.