Monday, April 13, 2009


When the darkness fills my senses
When my blindness keeps me from your touch

Jesus come

When my burden keeps me doubting

When my memories take the place of you

Jesus come


And I'll follow you there

To the place where we meet

and I'll lay down my pride

As you search me again


Your unfailing love
your unfailing love

Your unfailing love over me again

This is the song has been in my head for quite awhile already. Good Friday. Saturday. Easter.

Simple yet so full of meaning.

Death. Resurrection. Love. Saving Grace. Mankind.

Moving on.

Events. Firstly, the UTAR Easter Rally aptly titled, U-Turn: A New Beginning. Went with Osama. Boy, it was undeed funny when people asked his name. Lols. Got invited by Pearlyn aka Ms. Stephanie the shopaholic. I've to say, the drama was actually pretty good. Sorry Turfy, no photos though.

Watched Fast & Furious 4. It was an okay okay movie. Nothing new, though. And there was only 1 puny race. And Letty died. Wth.

Been really busy with practices as the dates are drawing nearer. Yesterday was the shooting for the DVD. Lagi hectic. Hopefully no blackouts on the real day, lest the ensuing mayhem befalls everyone.

And I finally cut my hair. After 4 months. The first haircut of the year 2009, woohoo. Super short though.

Ah yes, the phone.

Thanks, Aunty Melinda. Love it.

Final projects, assingments and presentations are the order of the week.

So long, folks.