Thursday, March 26, 2009


I've got nothing to do now, so I shall blog. Just got back from futsal with the cool people, was super fun indeed. (: We play futsal at ungodly hours, when most of the world is asleep. And yes, crazy nuts is what we are, coincidentially the game was indeed a tad crazy too. Haha. (:

Whoa, time is one heck of a fast-moving thing for sure! Its almost April already. Easter is just around the corner! And no, Shaun, I do not observe Lent. (:

Supposed la, to be midterms this week. But its all so chillax here. Mandarin oral was on Monday. It was hilarious, really. Animals, was the topic that was covered. Got la monkey, kangaroo, giraffe, camel, leopard, deer, wolf, crow etc. Wth.

The debate scene. I've taken a temporary break, for now. Am bent on working and brushing up on my gray areas in time for the upcoming President's Cup in July. Style used is the Asian Parliamentary. In the future, will probably give the British Parliamentary style a serious thought though. Unlike the usual 3 a team in the Asian, its only 2 for the British. More challenging. And arghh, gotta read, read and read more. AUDC, AUSTRALS, WORLD'S (WUDC), WUPID. A boy can dream. (:

Paroimia. Our upcoming Easter production by the Youth Ministries of FGA KL.

A production on the biggest budget yet. And it is good. And believe me when I say so. So if you're free on the 17th, 18th, 24th and 25th of April, do drop by and witness for yourself the tale of colours. :) Click here for more info.

On a random note, the shotgun has been dormant for way too long. I have nothing to shoot nowadays. If you feel like bleeding, don't hesitate to give me a call! Will arrange a meet-up and prolly shoot you. Maybe to death? LoL. :D

Watched this.

5/10. Storyline was fine, but the action was too little. Pace was too slow too. And there's zero chemistry between the two lead casts, which was a tad disappointing. Oh wells. The Fast & Furious 4 opens next Thursday. Can't wait! (:

That's all for now, folks. (:

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  1. Tim said...

    Eh! halo! of all ppl, you should know that PAROIMIA is not an easter production! But an evangelistic production!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!