Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally updated.

Asraf's 23rd. Mayhem ensues.

Of Eggs, flour, water and lots of running and laughter. (: At 2 in the morning. The neighbours probably have a pretty safe level of tolerance, or they're just plain deaf. Once, even their Kia Carnival, parked inside their house, wasn't spared. Joe's egg projectile missed its target and went splat on it. Sthoopid fella had a crappy aim. For that, prompt clean-up was very essential to avoid any awkward confrontations in the morning after.

And unfortunately when that happens, the oldest in our house is usually the sucker receiving all the flak. Sorry dude. Hehe.

Mucking around and nonsense is generally the order of the day in the house.

Living outside is so fun. Made merrier when living with people full of crap by the bucketloads. (:

Quoted Jun, "I'D GO APESHIT ON YOU!!!"

Said to me, on one random afternoon. I super blur that time. o_O

Oh btw, apeshit = ballistic. Something I found out not too long ago.

Anyway, these few days its so hard to nap in the afternoon. Why? Cuz the neighbour has been making his house bigger. The workers incessant drilling and hammering is driving us dudes up the wall. So noisy lar. Prolly now is our turn to be tolerant, esp the fella who lives downstairs. He gets it way worse, as he's closer to the work site. Sad case.

Sigh, the heat has been blistering these days. The weather seems to have gone cuckoo. Dunno what happened to them clouds or rain. Humidity has peaked due to it too. Hot hot hot. Number of times I bathed is crazy.

Oh, and my snooze times has changed.

Yours truly. (:

That's all for now. May's schedule is looking bleak, with all the extra classes and final projects. Not to mention the final exam prep too.

Will blog whenever I'm free then.

Till then. (:

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