Friday, March 6, 2009


The week has been busy. With practicals, lectures and the like. Won't be blogging alot these months, due to the lack of life in me lol, not too mention the impending assignments and midterms which is just around the corner.

Shit, midterms. Very much disliked.

Anyways, am currently on a high now. We won the Dean's Cup, an intra-uni debate tourney. Osama, Jun and me. Best speaker went to Osama. (: The same team will be leaving for the UITM Open tomorrow morning, minus me though. I ffk-ed them at the 13th hour due to the mission trip to Raub which is also on this weekend. I hope Sammy Eto will be able to fit in seamlessly with those guys. He's the best I could find anyway. All the best wei, Peeking Shit and Smurf. (:

And agreed, WD sucks. Buffalo still rocks. (:

Lastly, I just wanna say that the both of you has taught me much, and I appreciate it. (:

Till then, folks.

3 Blurted back :

  1. Pearlyn said...


    who's the two eh? :P

  2. Jun said...

    What peeking shit...I'll rape u aaaa Chinese boy

  3. Stephenwhacked said...

    Pearlyn: haha. kerbau la you. And u do know.

    Jun: hahahahahahaaha...lick my balls!!