Friday, August 31, 2007

Chronology of events.

Last Saturday, on the way to Calvary in the morning...


And the whole of this week was, up and down. Marginally incoherent, if I might say that.

Started like this...

Had a bout of severe food poisoning on Tuesday morning, around 2am. Lasted till around late morning. Lost count of the number of visits to the loo. Damn those hotdogs i ate earlier.

Skipped Electrical Fundamentals in the morning, due to it. But later I found out that it was cancelled. Miracle la. Thank God.

Come Wednesday, found out that class was cancelled too. Shooshness. So I had the whole day at my mercy.

Thursday's English lesson was boring as usual . Except for the stupid presentation scare that the due date was creeping nearer and the missus wanted to see the powerpoint. Osama, Ashraff and Alan: lets get our asses going. We can do this!

Shots I took to fruitlessly kill the boredom during class.

Pencil. No prizes for guessing where it came from. Lol.

Picture on my calculator. Quality is abit grainy. Sheesh.

Wanted to go Laundry last night, but parents had other plans. Ended up at Putrajaya to see the pyrotechnics and the Independence Day countdown simultaneously. Team Japan was at the decks. It was a long wait, but I guess it was worth it. The fireworks were a sight to behold.

That's about it.

Happy Independence Day, everyone.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Good Laugh.

I laughed when i read this. And i really laughed.

So i decided to share it with the masses.

But i never intended this to be offensive to anyone. Its just in the name of humour.

Happy reading, people.

Funeral fun: At a funeral...

Tell the widow that the deceased's last wish was that she make love with you.

Tell the undertaker that he can't close the coffin until you find your contact lens.

Punch the body and tell people that he hit you first.

Tell the widow that you're the deceased's gay lover.

Ask someone to take a snapshot of you shaking hands with the deceased.

At the cemetery, play taps on a kazoo.

Walk around telling people that you've seen the will and they're not in it.

Ask the widow to give you a kiss.

Drive behind the widow's limo and keep honking your horn.

Tell the undertaker that your dog just died and ask if he can sneak him into the coffin.

Put a hard-boiled egg in the mouth of the deceased.

Slip a whoopee cushion under the widow.

Leave some phony dog poop on top of the deceased.

Tell the widow that you have to leave early and ask if the will can be read before the funeral is over.

Urge the widow to give the deceased's wooden leg to someone poor who can't afford firewood.

Walk around telling people that the deceased didn't like them.

Use the deceased's tongue to lick a stamp.

Ask the widow for money which the deceased owes you.

Take up a collection to pay off the deceased's gambling debts.

Ask the widow if you can have the body to practice tatooing on.

Put Crazy Glue on the deceased's lips just before the widow's last kiss.

Show up at the funeral services in a clown suit.

If the widow cries, blow a trumpet every time she wipes her nose.

When no-one's looking, slip plastic vampire-teeth into the deceased's mouth.

Toss a handful of cooked rice on the deceased and scream "MAGGOTS! MAGGOTS!" and
pretend to faint.

At the cemetery take bets on how long it takes a body to decompose.

Get someone to call you on your cell phone during ceremony and pretend your talking to the
deceased person.

Push the widow as she bends over to throw dirt on the coffin.

Circulate a petition to have the body stuffed instead of buried.

Promise the minister a hundred dollars if he doesn't keep a straight face while praising the deceased.

Write "Best before last week" on the top of the coffin when nobody is looking.

Accidentally sneeze on the deceased, and literally wipe the smile off his face.

If its a woman, spread her legs and write "Dying for a Shag" on the side of the coffin.

Monday, August 27, 2007


After so long, i finally hear the familiar word being repeated over and over again.

Exams...are coming. Its devour those who fail to prepare for it. Actually its the mid terms. And the topics that are covered are surprisingly vast. Even maths, no matter how pathetic it may be, also must not be taken for granted. I'll try, at least.

So far my revison has been up to date. So ia assume i'm pretty safe for now.

Last week was draining but refreshing towards the end. And the events that happened, Oh My Car. I'll wite about it soon.

Over and Out.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Assignments, projects, drawings and head pains.

It’s pouring down like rain from the skies nowadays. Deadlines must be met, thus a substantial amount of rest is unwillingly and forcefully sacrificed to achieve satisfactory completion. Though a minuscule amount of joy follows, it is also swept away in the roaring currents of countless other assignments in their pending state, and I can almost picture them rearing their pathetic heads and laughing at me.

Maybe I exaggerated.

It’s all part of life, they say. It'll be worse when you grow up, they continued. Nobody has ever died from work, but then again, nobody wants to be the first casualty.

Subdued. That's how I feel now.

But then again, my help comes from above, the maker of Heaven and Earth. And in Him I will trust.

I came back yesterday. A privilege, suffice to say. At least to me. And my craving for sleep shall be satisfied here. In my room. And my bed has never looked so tempting.

But the steady wave of assignments still follow me like ants on a sugar trail...

Waiting. Pending. My attention.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


The winged bird's nest at the place where i study.

The Boeing 727.

Another plane, moderate in size.

But this is a tiny plane. Dunno what make.

Another tiny plane.

There are helicopters too.

Another plane...

The Skyhawk.

From another angle.

That's all for now, folks. Now back to the assignment.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tech Update.

Got myself a laptop to help me with my assignments in uni.

It doesn't score much on its looks...

But beneath its hood, lies...

An Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 160Gb HDD, 1Gb DDR2 384MB NVIDIA GeForce 7300 TurboCache and its loaded with the Vista Home Premium, not the lousy Home Basic which limits the graphic space.

Got it at the recent Fair at KLCC, on Saturday. Pretty good buy.

And Dad was complaining because it was his birthday and instead of me getting him something, it was the other way around. Ironic, really.

Anyway, from now on i'm netsurfing from the comfort of my bed. haha.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Ball 2007.

The only night where the dressing was up till the nines. At the Ritz Carlton, Starhill.

With Emily and Joel fool.

And Josh and Melissa came barging in. Blocking Melissa wasn't an accident, Burpboy.

With the lady.

Decided to take another shot.

Cg shot. Caught yanking Xuan Hun's ear. Haha.

Another group shot. Too many photographers, that's why everybody's eyes were all over the place.

Girls only. Oh sorry, i mean, ladies only.

Carmen and Rachel. Sorry, i just had to put this up.

With Xuan Hun. Sorry Josh, Camera lens wasn't wide enough to take you in.

I just had to take it.


Joel fool and Carmen.

Poser. Silly pose la.

So that was the night that had been. Fun? Yeap.

And you were so very close to making it awesome.