Friday, June 29, 2007


Wow seems like there'll be only 2 posts this month. Nothing to talk about la, except for the mundane-ness of things. But not withstanding that, a few interesting things happened in this month. So here's a recap....

*The company (where i killed time...) got busted. Like totally. Ran into a loss of quite a lot of money. The result? All of us worked for only a few days but we got an entire month's salary. Not too bad, for me at least, because i plan to stop work anyway due to my looming university admission. So yeah, money coming in while i chill.

*Celebrated her birthday. Unforgettable. And Calvary Youth has got what it takes to soar to great heights!

*Did justice to the one childhood passion of mine. Transformers.

Starscream. Decepticon. My favourite Transformer. And word has it that he will be the main baddie in Transformers 2. He's as powerful as both Megatron and Prime.

Optimus Prime, saluted leader of the Autobots. He's so beautiful.

Megatron. Was frozen in time but not for long. He's a beauty too. Hey, but in the comic you transformed into a puny gun la...where got transformed into Star Wars plane in the

Just a few pics of them robots. The movie was awesome too. Speechless. Bring on Transformers 2!

*And not forgetting Jack, or more fondly known as Uncle Jack, who will be leaving us in pursuit of his tertiary education. Destination Sydney. I have known you for quite awhile, and its definitely sad to see you go. Your caring personality is a gem, and it will be dearly missed by us, PCCG-ians. And all your friends around too, I'm sure. May you find favor in the sight of God and men over there. All the best in your future undertakings, Jacksquare.

Half of the year has flitted past in a blink of an eye. And I'm finally resuming my studies after such a long absence of 6 months. I wonder what the remaining half of the year will yield.

God bless, everyone.

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